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Spring stream of ,,ZEARIS’’ tourists’ groups

13 April, 2017

We have had a conversation with the Head of the Company ,,ZEARIS’’ Marketing Service Mr. Levan Chikhladze about spring plans and expectations   :

       The spring tourist season is not yet officially open, but Company ,,ZEARIS’’ has already received the first group of tourists. What kind of plans and expectations do you have?

       My colleagues and I work quite for a long time in the very company, so a long period of time, that we have been almost used to the wealth and quality of this production. That’s why I often realize, that a foreign tourist, who, for the first time, touches and tastes ,,ZEARIS Chacha’’, with much more enthusiasm and excitement conveys the features of the very beverage, than our company’s presenter. It has happened exactly in such a way at the opening of the spring tourist season too. Today we have got the first foreign guests of "ZEARIS Chacha Tour" and just, hereby, we announced the spring tourist season already open. The tourists, who arrived from Russia, participated in the process of Chacha distillation and tasted the beverage made by themselves. This time, only the "Royal Blue" was presented for tasting. From April for tasting we'll present the "Limited Edition" and "Only For You." In the storage of the ,,Limited Edition’’ there is left quite a small amount of this product. Though, in spite of the fact, for the purpose of increasing awareness of our national beverage, we will at most try to present all our products on the tasting stand. This year also we traditionally keep our promise and our most precious product of the difficult work "mythology" will be again exclusively sold only in our country, though, because of high value of its liquid, we won’t put this product on the tasting stand.

         What kind of arrangements does the ,, ZEARIS Chacha TOUR’’ include?

         The head office of the Company ,,ZEARIS’’ is situated on the King David the Builder's Alley, accordingly, we decided to give a possibility to the tourist streams traveling to the direction of Mtskheta, to let them stay at our office, take part in the process of Chacha distillation and taste it; at the same time we will tell them the history of Chacha; introduce them to the Georgian vine traditions and history. Yet very few people know, that Georgia is a Homeland of Vine and 90% of the vines are Georgian among the discovered ones in the world. At the very spot, we will organize a photo session. This service arouses great interest in our guests. All the tourists would like their professionally taken photos to be remained memorable in our showroom.

         What are your expectations during the tourist season this year?

       Our production has got a representative image; it is a specimen of the Georgian culture and tradition in the direction of Chacha. The handcrafted ,,ZEARIS’’ product is considered to be the best gift and a memorable product for foreigners. Chacha, as a brand, is quite well-known in the Post- Soviet space, so, making our products popular for the citizens of Slavic origin, is an important task for us. In the tourist segment, this year we suppose to increase awareness of ,,ZEARIS Chacha’’ much more with the help of the arrangements planned by us and also with the ,,ZEARIS Chacha Tour’’ itrself.

       At present we have already been cooperating with more than 10 well-known and successful travel agencies represented in Georgia. We think, that until the end of the spring tourist season, we will have close relationships with all the main tourist operators. In addition to the ,,Chacha Tour Service’’, the plans of the future year include a tour to Kakheti, our factory and also to Samegrelo, where the rehabilitation of the Chacha and Wine Museum is coming to an end. Then we'll have an opportunity to provide the tourists permanently with the ,, ZEARIS Services " during the spring, summer, autumn tourist seasons. Chacha is- "ZEARIS", which is gradually taking its worthy place among the world-famous beverages. With the help of refining and expensing the services offered by us, the real Georgian Chacha at present will make a great majority of well-known brands stay in the background. In the season of the current year we will make one more step for popularity of the quality Georgian Beverage.