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In the third ,,National Georgian Wine Competition'' ZEARIS Chacha won another victory

14 November, 2016

   In 2016 the company ZEARIS took part in the competition dedicated to the National Day of wine, which was organized by the Association of the Georgian Sommeliers. We had a conversation with the Director of the company Mr. Ramaz Krichinashvili concerning the results of the competition and besides that, asked him how successful it was for ZEARIS itself:

Which products did you introduce into the National Wine Competition, and what were the final competition results?

       As you know, the company ZEARIS participated in the National Wine Competition, held by the Association of the Georgian Sommeliers, for the second time. There were presented almost all the Georgian wine producing companies in the Competition. Our company took part in the competition for the first time in 2015 and became the winner in the Nomination ,,The Best Chacha of the Year".  According  to the soft  taste  properties, ZEARIS Chacha deserved the first place among the producers of Chacha. It was important for us to succeed this year too, because every year, it can be said, we daily take care of improving the quality. This year we have presented Zearis Chacha, called ,,Royal Blue’’, which is well-known for everybody, and completely a new woman's beverage  "Only For You". The latter is a new product, which we brought to market exclusively for the corporate clients just a month ago. This product is unique, as it has citruses’ taste. As the technologists say, the combination of citruses with Chacha is considered to be the most difficult technological process. The estimates of some professional technologists gave us stimulus to deal with the very complex chemical process, as citruses completely deprive foodstuffs (taste) of alcohol and transfers it to the absolute citruses’ taste. As for our product, it will surprise you with the very rare gentle combination of citruses and Chacha. All of this contributed us to gain the victory in the Nomination -,,The Chosen One of Media’’. 26 members of the Media jury declared ZEARIS Chacha as the unconditional ,,Chosen One’’. Among a lot of nice comments I remember the very one,  I heard from the Chairman of the jury Nino Arazashvili. She declared: "We declare, that there is no alternative and ZEARIS Chacha has become the winner ". - It's very exciting for us. The very fact gives us more stimulus for creating an innovative and groundbreaking product for the next year, in principle, the society itself has such kind of expectations towards our company.

How would you assess the Georgian National Wine Competition and its technical management?

     The organizational management of holding a competition by the Association of Sommeliers, undoubtedly, is improved from year to year. This year the competition was much more organized, for which we would like to thank the founder of the Association of Sommeliers Mr. Shalva Khetsuriani, who, in despite of the very tight schedule, personally visited all the companies for making conversation with them. He personally congratulated us the victory.

What other famous competition did you participate in?

       In the International Competition ,,Brau Beviale’’ , which was held in Germany In 2015 our product didn’t lag behind such companies as: Hennessy, Johnnie Walker, Filandia etc. and in the Nomination - "The Best Packaging"  was named as the Finalist. It should be noted, that our product won not only for the packaging, but for its contents, as well. It means, that the product is perfect, it is entire, unified and corresponds to all the modern requirements and evaluation.

 The beverage ,,Only For You’’ is not on sale in any other store. Why have you chosen such kind of strategy?

    That is not a strategy. That is our company's decision at the request of our corporate clients. As you know, our product still belongs to the segment of the VIP Gift category. Our clients are the State Institutions. All the State Institutions have our product in their service departments. Our company regularly examines our corporate clients by inquiring them, at the same time, takes into consideration their opinions. Thus, at the request of our corporate clients, it would have been desirable, if we created an absolutely exclusive product, designated to a respectable addressee, as a gift. And one more thing, they asked us not to put the product like it on sale, particularly, in the store, on the counters, and so on. , as it should have been an exclusive, special and exciting gift. The very fact made us to create new products, such as: ,,The Georgian Mythology’’ and ,,Only For You’’.  We created 500 copies of them. I’d like to say, that it turned out to be lucky, as it was picked up not only by the State Institutions, but the private business, as well. So, it became very popular in the shortest time. We know, that exclusiveness means the edition of something in very small quantities to be sold, therefore, we won’t output the very product any more. But with the help of our creative professionals, we will manufacture other products for outputting them. Our classic product, a bottle with 2 volumes, is patented in many countries, and the right to manufacture it belongs only to our company. As for the glass with 2 volumes, it is our Visit Card. Exactly in the very sphere we definitely promise our customers the best.

Perhaps you have patented a liquid too?

       They don’t get a patent for liquid, but the peculiarity of distillation technology of our Chacha lies in the fact, that we do not distill it from the dry pressed mass, as it is made according to the Georgian tradition- in layman’s terms. Our Chacha is made from pulp, accordingly, its nutritional value is very high and very precious. Approximately 13 liters of pulp must be treated to create one of our products, that’s why the liquid is quite precious.

Would you like to add anything else?

       Each victory, certainly, is too important for us, but we also realize the dizziness received in the result of the victory. So we try not to relax. Our company’s point of view is different from that of a lot of Georgian companies’, as we consider, that each successful year brings new ideas, which are guarantee for new inspiration. We care only for the development, which rouses more activity in us. In future we definitely try to create the higher-quality products.