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25 November, 2016

The local standard industrial vine variety-Tsitska, which is widely spread in the wine-making region of Imereti, gives high quality table soft white wine; in Upper Imereti mainly champagne wine is made from it.

Tsitska is widespread in the villages of Upper and Middle Imereti regions. This type of vine variety is known under the various names in some villages of Upper Imereti, particularly, it is called Shanta and Tsitsko, but abroad they call it Tsitska and Chhantis. From Tsitska they manufacture the type of high-quality European and Imeretian white table wine, which is given from Tsitska cultivated on the humus-carbonate and forest-carbonate soils of Imereti. Besides that, high dignity materials are given for producing champagne from the very local variety cultivated on the calcareous soils of Upper Imereti. By the way, in Middle Imereti the above-mentioned vine type is called Mamali Tsitska ( Male Tsitska).

In addition, it should be noted, that the vine variety-Tsitska is used not only for wine and champagne producing, but for manufacturing high quality cognac.