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25 November, 2016

One of the Industrial grape varieties of wine producing -Tsolikauri is widely spread mainly in Western districts of Georgia, particularly, in-Guria. This is a local standard sort.  From the grape variety Tsolikauri it is produced the high-quality white wine and semi-sweet dessert one.

In the above-mentioned region, Tsolikauri is known under the following names: Obchuri Tsolikauri (from the village Obcha) and Melcho Tsolikauri (from the village Melcho). The grape variety Tsolikauri is cultivated almost all over the Western part of Georgia, except the region of Racha. The different types of wines are made from the very grape variety, which are distinguished by the high tasty and rich chemical properties. Besides that, this is the type of grapes from which the high-quality table wine is produced either by using the Imeretian or European technology. According to the European technology, from Tsolikauri it is made transparent pale-yellow wine. It has got its own specific varietal fragrance in the youth and when it ages, with the help of harmonious mixture is characterized by the delicate bouquet.

Tsolikauri is passably different from other grape varieties. There exists a well-known sort of naturally sweet sparkling wine, with subtle taste and fruity flavor - ,, Tvishi ", which is produced in the village of  Tsageri  region. In the young age Tsolikauri is slightly rude, but when it ages, begins to improve much more, i.e. becomes harmonious, gentle and delicate. This high-yielding grape variety is renowned for its pleasant taste.