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25 November, 2016

The unique vine variety Rkatsiteli spread in the entire eastern Georgia is distinguished among the industrial local vine varieties of the wine making of Kakheti region. The very vine variety is our country’s standard one, from which it is produced the European and Kakhetian sort of high quality table white wine, good dessert wine material and, besides that, it gives table decorative grapes of local meaning.

As we’ve pointed above, Rkatsiteli is the unique vine variety spread in eastern Georgia. The widely spread of the very grape type is caused by the abundance of its productivity, quality of production and good adaptation to the environment; furthermore, by the content with high economic and technological characteristics, so-all together have provided the prospect of its spread much more even in the future, as well.

The vine variety –Rkatsiteli is important as species in defining resistance to frost and, by the way, not less than the most resistant vine varieties of the northern regions, such as: Risling, Pinot and the like. From this widely spread grape type it is produced not only the Kakhetian sort of wine with its rare feature, but also the dessert one of high quality, and the best juice of grapes, besides that, its grapes can be considered to be the table amazing adornment.

Rkatsiteli is used as blending material for all the types of wine and for producing the juice of grapes without alcohol. The succulence and pleasant fragrance of its grape seed give a possibility to produce the high quality table wine.