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Awards of ZEARIS - 2015

1 December, 2015

In 2015 the Georgian company ZEARIS took part in the world competition of the innovative beverages. In the completion there were presented the products, manufactured by 360 companies from the 40 different countries. The final part of the international competition, just the award ceremony was held in Nuremberg, the German city. It is important, that the Georgian side was introduced to the competition for the first time. The First debut of the company ZEARIS was successfully completed. In despite of the fact, that the competition was too strong, ZEARIS Chacha became a finalist. In the nomination ,,The best packaging’’ we defeated the very strong and recognizable European, American and Asian brands. This success is a significant achievement for us and, in general, for the Georgian production, which will contribute to popularization of the Georgian traditions.

      Nowadays, Georgian Chacha is less known on the international level. The Scottish, American or Italian alcoholic beverages are too much promoted and demanded by the market. Most of them are obtained by rectification of corn, sugar cane, juniper, wheat, soy. Later, the very ingredients are seasoned in the oak barrels for getting taste properties. Unlike the above-mentioned beverages, Chacha is made from grapes, which naturally contains a variety of important minerals. The very product, which is distillated and fermented, according to the high-technological method in the Qvevri, obtains soft taste properties, maintains the highest degree, pleasant taste and the important thing is, that it is preferable in compare with the other beverages, made from cereal crops.

       On December 23, 2015 the Sommelier Association  ,,The 2nd National Competition of  the Georgian wine 2015" held the award ceremony. ZEARIS was named the year's best Chacha. That is really an important achievement for the company. With the high quality, restored old historical traditions, in relation to seasoning, and modern methods of distillation, ZEARIS Chacha is able to take a worthy place among the famous high-alcohol beverages in the world. That is a purpose for the company ZEARIS, particularly, to make the world learn more about our country-our motherland, which will deservedly be introduced to the whole world.