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15 June, 2018

The Organizations producing wine and alcoholic drinks have been revealing their growing interest in the Asian market for several years. Favourable business environment, preferential tax system, support to alcohol sector are the priorities, which turns Hong-Kong into a best place for wine and alcohol industry.
Exactly for this purpose the first exhibition VINEEXPO HONG KONG was held in 1998. It was the most enormous event 20 years ago, as the exhibition, initially was a perfect strategic platform for importers, buyers and sommeliers. In every two years VINEEXPO HONG KONG hosts people who are interested in the Asian market:
The exhibition has celebrated the twentieth anniversary this year and hosted wine-makers and producers of alcohol from all countries of the world. Company “Zearis” was one of the participants involved in this huge event. 
As the Director of company “Zearis” Teona Zakradze mentioned,
“Similar exhibitions are of great interest for company “Zearis”. On the one hand, it is the best opportunity of attaining our main goal, to popularize Chacha and gain the place among similar alcohol drinks available worldwide. On the other hand, in the conditions of sharp competition, for us, as for the producers, it is interesting to know how much qualitative and competitive our product is and to what extent its aesthetics and ingredients are understandable for different peoples of the world”. 
It should be pointed out, that evaluation of a number of competent persons, sommeliers, wine masters and producers themselves is of great importance, which constantly incentivises us to the development and perfection. Of course, one of the main goals is the search of importers and market development. 
Company “Zearis” intends to be involved in similar huge arrangements in the future, in order to contribute to the cause of developing Georgian alcohol making traditions and gaining its worthwhile place in the world.
Company “Zearis” expresses its sincere gratitude to the organizers of the exhibition, to the Ministry of Rural Economy, L.E.P.L.(Legal Entity of Public Law) Wine National Agency and each paticipants involved.
Company “Zearis” expresses its sincere gratitude to the organizers of the exhibition, the Ministry of Rural Economy, L.E.P.L. (Legal Entity of Public Law) Wine National Agency and each participant of the exhibition.